Welcome to the creative sanctuary series. A new series here on the blog where I get to talk to inspiring creative people about their work and how they got to do what they do. I get to peek into their studios and find out what their 5 essential things are that make their creative space a true sanctuary.

For this instalment, I’m taking a look at the creative sanctuary of illustrator and writer Marloes de Vries. You might know Marloes’s work from Flow magazine, Charlie magazine or her own Instagram page of course. 

Creative Sanctuary With Marloes de Vries. Image by Audrey Victoria | www.browngirldecorblog.com

How it all started

Marloes always wanted to draw. When she was around 3 or 4 years old she wanted to be an artist. A little after that a comic artist.  Marloes eventually attended the Academy for visual arts and design AKI in Enschede and choose the graphic design department. After she graduated in 2007 she started her career as a graphic designer and art director.  She enjoyed her work but felt that something was missing. So after years of not drawing, she started illustrating again in 2010. She was a little anxious about that but it turned out alright. Marloes then started taking different courses and masterclasses for writing and children’s book illustration. One of which was a summer course at Anglia Ruskin in Cambridge (UK). Marloes also participated in a masterclass by Benji Davies en Chris Haughton in Atapuerca (Spain).